I'm Rory Williams, not Rory Pond as the Doctor and Amy would have it, but sometimes Roranicus Pondicus, Nina, Beaky, etc. Amelia Pond is my everything. I was once only a nurse, nothing important or special or out of the ordinary. Until I met the Doctor, the mad man in a blue box. After we ran with him, I became more than just a nurse. I was important. I was and still am the Last Centurion. More of a hero than I ever thought I'd be.

[Independent RP AU/multiverse Rory Williams blog. Mostly pre-Angels Take Manhatten but I will RP at any point in his timeline. I will also gladly RP with any fandom. Tag 'rorranicuspondicus' in a starter if you want to RP or drop me an ask if you'd like to plot. Read the about page and rules before interacting.]


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takemymemoriesbaby sent:

Just making an observation, Rory the Roman. Was thinking about you and Amy while walking around the TARDIS today, that's all.

Oh! Er. Well, suppose that’s good to hear. Has everything been well with you then, Doctor?



“Oh! Hello there. I didn’t realize that we were expecting company. Did the Doctor let you in?”


"N-no? Well. I was actually just looking for him. Sorry, hope I’m not interrupting anything."

|Serafina & rorranicus-pondicus |


Serafina was sitting on the soft carpeted floor of the library, her back against one of the bookshelves. In front of her, books were sprawled open on various pages as she struggled to find facts for a paper she was working on. Whenever she did find something remotely useful, though; bits of the information seemed to contradict one another. 

Beginning to grow impatient and irritated, she picked up another one of the books, skimming through the text quickly before setting it down once more to check on her page of notes. Before she could control it, her page of notes had caught on fire. Within several seconds, a small pile of ashes was all that remained of her homework. Though she was upset, she really hoped that there was no one in vicinity who could see her at the moment. Anyone walking by probably wouldn’t have understood why she wasn’t in pain while her hands were aflame.

Rory was trying to make this library run as quick as possible. Amy had sent him over on his way home from his shift to pick up a few cooking books. Glad as he was that she was expanding her horizons when it came to food, he wished she had just come over here herself. Sifting through several call numbers in search of only a few specific titles required a bit too much coordination for his liking.

He kept his patience though and was on the prowl for the last title on the seemingly endless list of books when he came across something unusual. The woman sprawled out on the floor below had completely just incinerated her papers with her own hands. Normally Rory wouldn’t believe that she had some sort of superhuman fiery hand power, but traveling with the Doctor had altered his perspective on these things.

He approached her. “Are you— uh, you alright there?” He asked. “I don’t mean to intrude, but, your hands…”




Angie and Artie had said they had invited a friend of Clara’s over, but they wouldn’t tell her who. They would just smile and scamper off whenever she asked. She had to wait, so when she heart the doorbell ring she ran and answered it.


Rory was relieved as the door was answered - by Clara, to his good fortune, rather than those munchkins she looked after, the ones that had invited him here in the first place - and returned her greeting with a wave.

"Oh— Er, yep! It’s me. Hello." He smiled awkwardly. "I hope I’m not late or anything."

takemymemoriesbaby sent:

Well, this might seem like an odd question, but... Is it weird that I've noticed that throughout the time I've known you, your hair gets neater?

Well… er, I don’t know. I suppose.


Doctor. Not trying to be rude, but what has this got to do with anything?

takemymemoriesbaby sent:

Rory? I have a question...

…Doctor? What is it?



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